Endorsement from Rod Machado

Rod Machado writes a monthly column for AOPA Pilot magazine. The May 2014 edition, which discusses using simulation to reduce training costs, includes this comment about my book (thanks, Rod):

Your first purchase should be a book that will give you the intimate details of simulator operations. Without a doubt, one of the best on the market is Bruce Williams’s Scenario-Based Training with X-Plane and Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Podcast of Interview at Angle of Attack

Podcast of Interview at Angle of Attack

Chris Palmer, host of a podcast at Angle of Attack, recently interviewed me about PC-based simulations, scenario-based training, and aerobatics. The podcast is available at the link above.


PC Simulation Presentation at AOPA Summit

PC Simulation Presentation at AOPA Summit

Here’s a short news item about my presentations at the recent AOPA Summit in Ft. Worth.

Simulator expert Bruce Williams

Late September Aerobatic Ride

We had a lovely September afternoon to fly. My passenger had given her son a ride as birthday present earlier in the summer, and after seeing how much fun he had, she wanted to go for a flight herself. As you can hear, she enjoyed the experience, and the scenery was spectacular in the late-summer (almost fall) afternoon light.

I added Aresti diagrams for some of the maneuvers.

Videos: Integrated Instrument Panel in Action

I took advantage of clear skies to log several night landings in the Bonanza (an A36). The first step was a quick flight from Boeing Field (KBFI) to Bremerton (KPWT) to get dinner at the airport diner and wait for sunset at the non-towered airport. I flew the ILS RWY 20 @ KPWT under VFR to verify a fix to the glideslope reception of the new avionics.

I used two GoPro cameras, one focused outside, the other pointed obliquely at the instrument panel.

After dinner, I logged landings at KPWT, and then I returned IFR to Boeing Field to practice with all the new toys and get another night landing.

I used two GoPro cameras, one pointed outside, the other at the instrument panel. The inside camera got knocked off-kilter for the last video; The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari effect was unintentional.

For more information about the video equipment that I use, see Aviation Video Tips.

An Aerobatic Ride near Seattle

Here’s another video that shows a typical aerobatic ride on a beautiful day in Seattle. We’re in the Extra 300L. The maneuvers include aileron rolls, loops, half-Cuban 8s, hammerheads, point rolls, slow rolls, vertical rolls, and inverted flight. The video also shows a typical approach and landing in the Extra 300L.

Upated Links for Readers of my Simulation Books

AOPA has overhauled its website, and I’m busy updating the links to aviation resources at AOPA and the Air Safety Institute on the pages for my books about flight simulations (Microsoft Flight Simulator as a Training Aid and Scenario-Based Training with X-Plane and Microsoft Flight Simulator). You will also find links to many posts here at blog, and I’m working to update those references, too.

At present, the new AOPA website still has broken links, and some content may not be easily accessible through direct links. But you can use the search functions at AOPA to track down specific references. For now, here are links to key sections of the AOPA website for readers who want to expand their knowledge and complement the lessons and scenarios in my books:

AOPA home page

Air Safety Institute home page (access to free publications, interactive courses, quizzes, etc.)

AOPA Learn to Fly page

Getting Back into Flying

Learn to Fly page


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