Latest on VOR Decommissioning

Here’s the latest information about the FAA program to decommission about 34 percent (307) of the VOR navaids in the U.S. by fiscal year 2030, leaving 589 VORs in the system. That plan includes establishing a minimum operational network (MON) of navaids and airports. The details are in an update (PDF) delivered at the April 26-29, 2021 session of the Aeronautical Charting Meeting.

You can find more information about the FAA plan in previous updates here at BruceAir:

You can also watch video of an FAA webinar about the MON program on YouTube:

Here’s a summary of the next sets of VORs to be shut down. To see the VOR locations on aeronautical charts at, click the navaid ID links.

Discontinue six (6) VORs – June 17, 2021:

  1. (HNN) Henderson, WV
  2. (LEB) Lebanon, NH
  3. (LWM) Lawrence, MA
  4. (MSS) Massena, NY
  5. (MWA) Marion, IL
  6. (SLK) Saranac Lake, NY

Discontinue six (6) VORs – August 12, 2021:

  1. (DCU) Decatur, AL
  2. (GBG) Galesburg, IL
  3. (MAP) Maples, MO
  4. (STS) Santa Rosa, CA
  5. (UCA) Utica, NY
  6. (VQQ) Jacksonville, FL

Discontinue five (5) VORs – October 7, 2021:

  1. (EEN) Keene, NH
  2. (HUL) Houlton, ME
  3. (MCM) Macon, MO
  4. (PSM) Portsmouth, NH
  5. (RFD) Rockford, IL

FAA also plans to expand the service volumes of the remaining VORs and DMEs to support the MON.

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