Video: Tips for IFR Flights

Fall weather finally arrived in Seattle, so I took advantage of IFR-and MVFR conditions to fly the Bonanza on a short hop from Boeing Field (KBFI) to Arlington (KAWO). A glitch meant that I didn’t capture ATC or intercom audio on this flight, so instead this video describes some of the techniques and procedures that … Continue reading “Video: Tips for IFR Flights”

VOR Service Volumes on IFR Charts

The September 8, 2022 edition of the Aeronautical Chart User’s Guide notes that: Beginning with the September 8, 2022, publication date, all Standard Service Volume designations will be shown for VOR, VOR/DME, VORTAC, DME, and TACAN NAVAIDs on both the IFR Enroute Low and High Attitude charts. Publishing this information is part of the FAA … Continue reading “VOR Service Volumes on IFR Charts”

“Long IFR XC”: FAA Changes Guidance

FAA recently updated its guidance for instructors and DPEs about the types of approaches that must be accomplished during the so-called long IFR cross-country described in 14 CFR Part 61.65(d)(2)(ii)(C). That rule requires: Instrument flight training on cross country flight procedures, including one cross country flight in an airplane with an authorized instructor, that is … Continue reading ““Long IFR XC”: FAA Changes Guidance”

A Low IFR Approach at KOLM

After a long stretch of widespread fog and icy clouds, the skies in the Puget Sound area cleared—mostly—creating a good opportunity to fly an instrument approach in LIFR conditions at Olympia, the state capital southwest of Seattle. Ride along in this video at my YouTube channel as I make the short hop in the A36 … Continue reading “A Low IFR Approach at KOLM”

Part 91 IFR Takeoff Minimums

A colleague recently pointed me to an article (Takeoff in Dense Fog…) at boldmethod that argues that the IFR takeoff minimums listed on IFR charts apply, even to operations under Part 91, if you accept a clearance that includes a DP, ODP, or SID. But in most cases, these IFR takeoff minimums do not apply to … Continue reading “Part 91 IFR Takeoff Minimums”

A Low IFR Approach at KPWT

A warm front recently brought widespread IMC to the Seattle area, and because the freezing level had climbed to about 5000 ft., I had a good opportunity to fly a couple of approaches for practice. Ride along as I hop from Boeing Field (KBFI) in Seattle to nearby Bremerton National (KPWT), just across Puget Sound, … Continue reading “A Low IFR Approach at KPWT”

Getting IFR Clearance and Release at Non-Towered Airport

When you depart from an airport without a control tower—or if the controllers have gone home for the night—you may need to get your IFR clearance and release from an approach control or center before takeoff. This video shows how I called for my clearance at Bremerton National Airport (KPWT), just west of Seattle, for … Continue reading “Getting IFR Clearance and Release at Non-Towered Airport”

Flying an IFR Departure at Yakima

I recently flew the A36 Bonanza from Yakima, WA (KYKM) back across the Cascades to a fuel stop at Bremerton, WA (KPWT) just west of Seattle. The weather was CAVU, but for practice I filed and flew an IFR flight plan, including a standard instrument departure from Yakima—the WENAS 7 SID. I chose this departure … Continue reading “Flying an IFR Departure at Yakima”


Ride along on this typical IFR flight from Boeing Field (KBFI) in Seattle to visit Pacific Coast Avionics at Aurora, OR (KUAO), south of Portland. The video (link below) includes ATC communications and shows the rhythm of a typical IFR flight: Clearance, Takeoff and Departure, Enroute, Descent, and Approach. As you’ll see in the video, … Continue reading “An IFR Flight: KBFI-KUAO”

Departing IFR from a Non-Towered Airport

Here’s a situation that often confuses new IFR pilots: How do you get a clearance and depart IFR from an airport that does not have an operating control tower? The short video below describes the process, using a real IFR departure from Bremerton National Airport (KPWT) west of Seattle. KPWT is a typical non-towered airport … Continue reading “Departing IFR from a Non-Towered Airport”