Annotating IFR Charts

Annotating electronic charts makes flying IFR procedures easier and less stressful. The video presentation (below and at my YouTube channel) describes how you can use the markup features in EFB apps such as ForeFlight to highlight important data and consolidate information from several sources so that it’s available on the charts in front of you as you fly.

Annotating charts also helps address a modern problem. EFBs have eliminated the hassle of updating paper charts and related documents.

Today it’s easy to go through many update cycles without really looking at charts you use regularly, to say nothing about procedures you fly only occasionally.

Marking up electronic pages also helps you slow down and review the details on charts. Annotating on the ground reduces heads-down time and confusion in flight, especially for trips outside your normal operating area.

All of the popular EFB apps include an annotation feature. You can learn more about the details for your app at the developer’s website and in the user guides that they publish. Here are some links to get you started:

ForeFlight videos about annotations

Garmin Pilot User Guide

FlyQ Support

iPad Pilot News: How to Mark up Charts in Your Aviation App

For information about pens (styluses) that you can use with an iPad, see Stylus for iPad and ForeFlight ScratchPads and Annotations.

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