An IFR Scenario for Practice in an ATD

One of the best uses of an aviation training device (ATD) is learning about and practicing instrument procedures that you probably wouldn’t be exposed to in your normal flying near home base.

The video below captures a PowerPoint presentation of a preflight briefing for a simulated flight from Watsonville, CA (KWVI) to Lincoln CA (KLHM). It’s a short flight (120 nm via a direct route), but it’s a good opportunity to learn about:

  • IFR preflight planning
  • IFR departure procedures
  • Preferred and TEC routes used in congested airspace
  • Loading and flying procedures with modern GPS navigators and PFD/MFD combinations.

This scenario is a good exercise for IFR students who are ready to fly cross-country lessons, for IPC and CFII candidates, and for pilots who have new avionics in their panels.

For more information about loading and activating procedures, see Don’t Activate Approaches and the links there to related posts here at BruceAir.

I’ll let the presentation stand on its own, but here are links to several key (free) resources that I mention in the talk.

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