Back from more flying adventures

I’m back in Seattle after trips to the Las Vegas area (viz., KBVU) to fly my Extra 300L and make vitamin D the old fashioned way (and get a boost of “vitamin G”).

Pictures from the flight back in the Bonanza are here (route here).

I also got some formation flying practice in a four-ship flight (pictures courtesy of our official photographer, Pat DuLaney, here).

Air Combat Ace, the new “fighter combat experience” operation based at Henderson (KHND), has posted photos from a shoot a few weeks ago. I’ve been helping to get their F-16 and F-15 pilots up to speed on their new Extra 330LC, and I joined them on a “mission” (they needed an Extra Extra) for promotional video and pictures. Photos here and here.

Fortunately, I had a babysitter (call sign “Magic”) who kept us safe during the mock dogfight.

Between hops in the Extra, I made a side trip with friends to the Furnace Creek airport at Death Valley; pictures here.

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