UND Aerocasts

The University of North Dakota is producing a series of Aerocasts about flying skills and procedures. These videos, which you can download or watch as video streams (if you have a fast connection) are excellent resources for CFIs and customers. (They also make terrific use of PC-based simulation as a demo tool.*)

Although the Aerocasts emphasize UND procedures aircraft, they emphasize fundamental flying skills, and both CFIs and pilots can easily adapt the specific power settings, speeds, and other details to the types of aircraft they fly.

*The UND videos use X-Plane, but Microsoft Flight Simulator plays this role equally well.

Pictures from recent flights

I recently flew my Beechcraft A36 from Boulder City, NV (KBVU) back to Boeing Field (KBFI) in Seattle. (Route on the map at RunwayFinder.com here.) Lots of pictures here. Better than what you see from FL370. The mountains were out in all their glory.

A couple of days earlier, I returned to the Las Vegas area in the Bonanza from Angel Fire, NM (KAXX), where I had taken some friends to a family gathering. Pictures of that flight here.