Another Source of Mobile Weather Info

I recently stumbled across the National Weather Service site for mobile phone users: It’s a repository of general weather information that can also be helpful to aviators, including:

  • Local weather (enter a ZIP Code)
  • Watches, Warnings, and Advisories (by state)
  • NWS Regional Radars
  • Surface Observations (i.e., weather reports from airports)
  • Satellite IR Images
  • Convective Outlooks
  • Tropical Weather
  • Marine/Tide Forecasts

The mobile site also features links to all NWS products and to NWS offices.

Sky King online

Pilots of a certain age may remember Sky King, a TV series that ran from 1951-1962. Now you can view the series online courtesy of American Flyers.

The series featured two aircraft. First a "Bamboo Bomber" (aka  T-50, UC-78, AT-17), later a Cessna 310. Oh, and there was a cute blond "teenager" named "Penny" (alas, Gloria Winters, the actress who portrayed her, is now in her late 70s).

Free Pilot Training Handbooks

Many publishers offer excellent pilot training handbooks (see, for example, the titles on offer at ASA and the growing series of comprehensive books that feature Rod Machado’s unique approach to flight instruction).

CoverCollage 400x266 Regardless of your approach to learning and prose-style preference, however, the (public-domain) training handbooks published by the FAA should be in your library. These books are the official references cited in the FAA testing standards for various pilot certificates and ratings. Many also provide great background for virtual aviators who enjoy Microsoft Flight Simulator and other aviation simulations.

I’ve described and provided links to many of these books, available for free download as PDFs, on the resources page at my Web site. You can also find many of the FAA handbooks in one of my OneDrive folders.

Having each book available as a PDF makes it much easier to read the text, jump to chapters from the TOC, search for specific text, and find definitions and descriptions in the glossaries (most of the books include extensive glossaries of aviation terms).

Remember that you can always get the latest versions of these books directly from the FAA website (although the FAA’s system of cataloging the books escapes me).