G1000 Gets WAAS and Other Updates

The flight school where I instruct is taking delivery of new DA40s (and updating much of its current fleet) with the latest iteration of the G1000 software, which includes WAAS and many other updates, among them:

  • NACO charts (Jepp charts are available at additional cost)
  • WAAS approaches
  • New engine display options
  • Enhanced VNAV capabilities (with the GFC 700 autopilot)
  • Airways in flight plans
  • New flight plan display options
  • Ground track bug on HSI
  • Additional wind display options on PFD

I have placed a bunch of screen shots captured with the new version of the G1000 PC-trainer in one of my SkyDrive folders. Manuals, etc. are available for download from Garmin. (There are too many changes to list here.)

Garmin has also updated the Cessna G1000 system, but I haven’t seen it yet.

The PC trainer still has several quirks and bugs (e.g., on my system the XPNDR always reverts to 0000), but it’s an indispensable training aid. Note, however, that the PC trainer does not have a flight model–pitch up and the attitude and altitude change, but airspeed doesn’t vary. However, it now supports dual-monitor setups (you can display the PFD and MFD simultaneously), and an annoying joystick bug is gone. The PC trainer is available from Garmin for $25.