Accelerated Spin Demonstrations

It’s important to use the correct sequence of control inputs when recovering from a developed spin. Absent specific guidance from the aircraft manufacturer in the aircraft flight manual (also known as the POH), the PARE technique taught by Rich Stowell is a proven sequence.


  • Power—idle
  • Ailerons—neutral
  • Rudder–full opposite direction of spin
  • Elevator–forward to reduce angle of attack and break the stall.

This video shows what typically happens if you push forward on the stick or yoke before you apply rudder. The spin accelerates. That rapid, changing rotation can disorient the pilot and delay recovery.

To learn more about stalls and spins, visit my website.

Accelerated Spins

To see more stall/spin videos, visit my Stalls and Spins playlist on my YouTube, channel, BruceAirFlying.

A Collection of Stall/Spin Videos

I’ve created a YouTube playlist, Stalls and Spins,  that features videos I recorded while demonstrating a variety of stalls, incipient spins, and spins. Most of the videos were captured while I flew the Extra 300L; a few show stalls in the Beechcraft A36.

You can learn more about the stall/spin/upset training that I offer in the Extra 300L at my website, here

Here’s a video from the playlist:

Stalls from Skidding and Slipping Turns

Video: Introduction to Incipient Spins/URT/Basic Aerobatics

I shot new video last week during a visit to Boulder City, NV (KBVU). I connected with a friend from long-ago FlightSafety days who now flies corporate jets, and I gave her an intro to aerobatics in the Extra 300L. I included a new camera angle shot with another GoPro.

This video shows a typical aerobatic intro flight, with an emphasis on stalls, spins, and unusual attitude recognition and recovery. The front-seat pilot is an experienced corporate jet pilot. As you’ll see, I introduce stalls, basic aerobatics such as aileron rolls and loops, and recoveries from incipient spins induced from yawing and slipping stalls. You can find additional videos about stalls, spins, and unusual attitude recoveries elsewhere on my YouTube channel.