A Scenic Approach to Boeing Field

I recently flew the A36 Bonanza from Boeing Field (KBFI) in Seattle to Grant County Airport (KMWH) at Moses Lake, WA and back, taking advantage of a break in the weather to cross the Cascade Mountains again before winter weather makes such trips increasingly rare.

The return to KBFI included a visual approach that passed over Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (KSEA) to a swooping descent over Puget Sound and through Elliott Bay to runway 14R.

I also captured videos of the flight to and from KMWH, which you can watch on my YouTube channel here and here.

Across the Cascades

Here are two videos that show a relatively new route across the Cascades to or from the Seattle area. The GPS-based T268 closely follows the old V2 airway between SEA and ELN, but it zigs and zags a bit to stay over lower terrain. If you’re IFR, T268 offers lower MEAs–you can fly it westbound as low as 8000 ft. To learn more about T-routes, see New T-Routes in the PNW and New T-Routes in Las Vegas here at BruceAir.

Here’s the route flown eastbound from KBFI to Moses Lake (KMWH).

And here’s the return flight to Boeing Field.