An Aerobatic Ride near Seattle

Here’s another video that shows a typical aerobatic ride on a beautiful day in Seattle. We’re in the Extra 300L. The maneuvers include aileron rolls, loops, half-Cuban 8s, hammerheads, point rolls, slow rolls, vertical rolls, and inverted flight. The video also shows a typical approach and landing in the Extra 300L.

Aerobatics—As Seen from Seat 1A

The aerobatics season in Seattle has returned, and Tuesday I gave an aerobatic ride. It was gorgeous day.

I set up a GoPro to look out at the left wing to capture the scenery as I demoed a series of basic maneuvers. This is the view you’d have from a window seat on an airliner–if airliners did aerobatics.

Enjoy the ride. More at my YouTube channel, BruceAirFlying.

An aerobatic ride in the Extra 300L near Seattle.

More Aerobatic Videos

I’ve posted several new videos on my YouTube channel. I shot these videos during practice flights last week before the Extra 300L went in for its annual inspection. As soon as it emerges from the shop and the weather cooperates, I’ll fly it north to Seattle for the summer.

As the descriptions note, these videos show typical aerobatic practice sessions, sequences of maneuvers designed to sharpen my skills and build G-tolerance the summer flying season approaches. Keen observers will note many flaws, but that’s why we practice.

You may also notice how important it is to look around–not just stare straight ahead–during most maneuvers. Checking the wingtips, looking back toward the tail, etc. all help you maintain orientation during maneuvers and fly more precisely. Learning where to look when is a key part of aerobatic training. In some videos, I adjusted the GoPro on my head to show a bit more of the instrument panel, although as I often explain, except for a couple of checks of the gauges at the beginning of and between maneuvers, flying aerobatics well depends on keeping your eyes outside the cockpit.

Here’s one video to get you started.