A/FD and Chart Supplements

FAA has published a Charting Notice that describes a change coming on March 31, 2016 to the titles of the “green books,” known for decades as the Airport/Facility Directory (A/FD). Here’s the gist of the notice:

The FAA/ Aeronautical Information Services will implement updated IACC 8 Specifications to include all of the “Green Books” (the volumes that cover the lower 48 states, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands) with the March 31, 2016 editions. The major noticeable change will be the title change from Airport/Facility Directory to Chart Supplement U.S.

Airport/Facility Directory will still refer to the front section of the books where the airports, NAVAIDs, and weather devices are listed. Chart Supplement will refer to the entire volume.

Here’s an example of the new covers.




A/FD to Include all Traffic Pattern Altitudes

FAA has decided to publish “all traffic pattern altitudes, standard and non-standard” in the Airport/Facility Directory. At present, FAA is adding information about TPA to the National Airspace System Resources (NASR) database. Once the data are in the system, TPA will appear in the A/FD as it is revised.

The decision to include all TPA in the A/FD comes from a topic of discussion at the the Aeronautical Charting Forum. FAA has starting publishing contact information for airport managers in the A/FD.

The latest update came at the ACF meeting on April 29, 2014 outside Washington, DC. .

For more information about the NASR, see AC 150/5200-35 and the website for the National Flight Data Center (NFDC).