Scenes from a Morning Aerobatic Training Flight

Excerpts from a training flight one lovely summer morning out of Boeing Field (KBFI) in Seattle. My student practices incipient spins that result from stalls during skidding turns, barrel rolls, stalls and spins from the top of barrel rolls, and aileron rolls and loops. This video has a music track, not the usual chatter and airplane noise.


International Aerobatic Club (IAC) New Website

The IAC has launched a new website at It’s a good resource if you’re interested in aerobatics, aerobatic competitions, and airshows. The site includes a list of instructors and flight schools that offer aerobatic training.

Interview about Stall/Spin/Upset Training at Hangar 49

The Hangar 49 podcast for January 26, 2013 includes an interview with me about stall/spin/upset training. My part of the program begins at about the 26-minute mark, but if you like things aeronautical, you’ll find several other interesting segments in the same program.