Garmin Radius to Fix Leg Project Report

The accuracy provided by GPS (especially with WAAS augmentation) has vastly expanded the number and quality of instrument approaches available to properly equipped aircraft, including procedures that provide guidance comparable to the ILS. For example, as of January 10, 2013, in the U.S., there were 3,052 approaches with LPV (localizer performance with vertical guidance) minimums, … Continue reading “Garmin Radius to Fix Leg Project Report”

Database Currency for IFR Operations

Most instrument-rated pilots now fly with GPS-based navigation equipment (according to AOPA, at least 78 percent of its members rely on GPS as their primary navigation tool). To use an IFR-approved GPS when operating IFR, the unit’s database must be current or you must verify the accuracy of the data. For more details, see note … Continue reading “Database Currency for IFR Operations”

RNP Procedures and Typical Part 91 Pilots

Some pilots remain confused about GPS-based RNAV approaches, especially procedures with RNP (Required Navigation Performance) in the title and AUTHORIZATION REQUIRED (AR) notes on the chart. For many reasons, those approaches (now called RNP AR procedures) are currently off-limits to a typical IFR pilot flying an airplane equipped with a WAAS-capable, IFR-approved GPS. FAA is … Continue reading “RNP Procedures and Typical Part 91 Pilots”

FAA Updates IFR Procedures Website

FAA AeroNav Products, the division that produces and publishes aviation charts, instrument approach and departure procedures, and related information, has overhauled its website. The new web pages make it easy to search for information about specific airports, including procedures that have been updated and new or revised procedures that are in development. For an overview … Continue reading “FAA Updates IFR Procedures Website”

Avoiding the Vectors-to-Final Scramble

One key to staying ahead of both ATC and the computer in the cockpit during the high-workload phases of an approach is avoiding the temptation of the Vectors-to-Final option available on IFR-approved GPS navigators like the Garmin GTN 750/650, GSN 530W/GNS 430W and integrated avionics such as the Garmin G1000. For information about a change … Continue reading “Avoiding the Vectors-to-Final Scramble”