Yoke Mount for iPad Mini

When I fly the A36 Bonanza, I mount my iPad Mini on the yoke using a RAM X-Grip with the large strap hose clamp and ball and a short RAM arm to connect the clamp to the X-Grip.

This arrangement works with 1984 and later Beechcraft Bonanzas and Barons, which use conventional yokes, not the big crossbar or throw-over yokes installed in earlier models. The tube that connects the Beechcraft yokes to the mechanisms behind the panel has a larger diameter than the tube used in other aircraft, such as Cessnas, so the large strap hose clamp is necessary to secure the mount.

The X-Grip holds an iPad securely while allowing air to circulate around the tablet, reducing the likelihood that it will overheat in flight. The X-Grip works even when an iPad is in a low-profile case. But it might not hold a tablet that is in a heavier, bulkier case.

4 thoughts on “Yoke Mount for iPad Mini”

  1. Bruce – Your post says short arm but link is to medium arm. Trying to get a set up that would work well in 1998 A36 Bonanza. Any further advice?

    1. If you go to the link at the RAM website, you can select the short, long, or medium arm option. As my post notes, I use the short arm in my 1989 A36, which has the same yokes as your later model.

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