Across the Cascades via T268

I took advantage of CAVU weather to record a flight across the Cascades from east to west via the new (as of January 2020) GPS-based T-route (T268) that offers lower MEAs than the V2 airway between the VORs at ELN and SEA. T268 won’t appear on the Seattle sectional chart until the new edition is published May 21, 2020, but it’s on the IFR chart and available for both IFR and VFR navigation.

For more information about T-routes, see New T-Routes in the PNW and AIM 5−3−4. Airways and Route Systems.

T268 will appear on new VFR charts in May 2020.
T268 on an IFR en route chart
Portions of T268 shown on the Seattle sectional published May 21, 2020

FAA plans to publish VFR charts the same 28-day cycle used for IFR charts and data beginning in 2021. For more information, see VFR Charts Moving to 56-Day Update Cycle.

Video of the route

You can see the lower lower MEAs available on T268 versus V2 on the charts below. The T-route follows a path north of the VOR-based V2 airway, with a couple of bends to keep you over lower terrain. You can fly T268 at 8000 westbound–2000 feet lower than the 10,000 altitude typically required on V2 westbound.

Lower GPS-based MEAs on T268

The early morning flight in the video begins at Ephrata, WA (KEPH), and after BANDR intersection, I turned southwest to land at Chehalis, WA (KCLS) for fuel.

Enjoy the scenery, which changes dramatically in just a short distance–only about 80 nm between Ellensburg and Seattle.

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