KHQM: RNAV Approach and Landing

I took advantage of a CAVU day in the Pacific Northwest and flew the A36 Bonanza from Boeing Field (KBFI) in Seattle to Hoquiam, WA (KHQM). To practice using the avionics, I flew the RNAV RWY 06 approach in VFR conditions.

Here’s video of the descent, approach, and landing.

Descent and approach to RWY 06 at KHQM

Sepia Tones and Cloud Surfing

A little cloud surfing on the short hop in the A36 Bonanza back to KBFI from KAWO, plus a nice view of the Seattle waterfront during the descent on the ILS to runway 14R. Unfortunately, the battery in the wing camera expired shortly after takeoff from KAWO, but the light was interesting while it was on.