Stick-On Window Shades

I have Rosen visors in my A36, and they generally work well. But they can be fragile, and I can’t always place them where they are most effective. I’ve been looking for portable, transparent shades (not fabric, opaque shades) that would complement the Rosens.

During a side trip to the Fly Mart at EAA AirVenture 2019, I found JustPlaneTint.


They make stick-on/peel-off shades for aircraft windows, and I bought a few of the newest model to test on the long flight back to Seattle.

The shades that I bought are in the Universal Plane Tint line. They’re available in small, medium, and large sizes at the company’s home page.



The shades block UV light and cut glare. They were especially handy when the sun was beaming in the side windows, heating up the cockpit and making it hard to see the iPad and other screens in the cockpit.


As these photos show, the shades aren’t limo-window dark–I could still see plenty of detail through them. They go on and come off easily when you want to reposition them, and they don’t leave a residue.

When flying into late-afternoon sun, I used a shade to supplement the Rosen visors. Passengers in other seats can position the shades where they need them, without interfering with my vision or visor arrangement.


Each shade comes with a protective pouch for storage. They seem very well made and sturdy.

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