ADS-B Advisory Services: Coverage Essentially Complete in Lower 48

According to the latest maps available from the FAA, the network of ground-based transmitters for ADS-B Broadcast Services (TIS-B and FIS-B) now provides coverage throughout the continental US.

Update: The FAA published a press release on April 14, 2014 announcing the completion of the ground infrastructure, which includes 634 radio stations.

The following diagram shows the locations of the operating transmitters as of late March 2014.


And here’s a diagram that shows the coverage provided by the network. Note that these service volumes assume you are high enough to receive the broadcasts, typically at or above about 1,500 feet AGL, depending on your distance from a transmitter.


Here’s an FAA video that describes ADS-B Broadcast Services.

8 Responses to ADS-B Advisory Services: Coverage Essentially Complete in Lower 48

  1. Chris Palmer says:

    Quite impressive! Also happy to see that they’re working through Alaska as well, although I can’t imagine they’d want to cover the whole state.

  2. Joe Framptom says:

    Bruce, do you have an opinion you want to share on ADS-B weather vs. XM weather or ADS-B traffic vs. active traffic? I’ve been waiting for the ADS-B system to mature before investing in it.

    • bruceair says:

      I have a GDL88 that presents FIS-B weather and TIS-B traffic on the GTN750 in my Bonanza. I haven’t flown that system is seriously crummy weather yet, but so far, the ADS-B weather products seem comparable to the Sirius/XM offerings. The only big limitation I’ve encountered so far is the “range” of the FIS-B products. Sirius/XM lets you look at METARs and TAFs anywhere in the system. The same reports in FIS-B seem restricted to around 150 nm of your current position. But I have more experimenting to do. Now that the ground network appears to be complete, I may cancel my Sirius/XM subscription and go with ADS-B alone.

  3. Greg Brown says:

    Bruce, do I understand from the “Operational Radio Station” graphic tabs, there’s a map of current T-Routes? If so can you by chance direct me there? I was unable to find it through the provided link. Thanks!

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