Videos: Integrated Instrument Panel in Action

I took advantage of clear skies to log several night landings in the Bonanza (an A36). The first step was a quick flight from Boeing Field (KBFI) to Bremerton (KPWT) to get dinner at the airport diner and wait for sunset at the non-towered airport. I flew the ILS RWY 20 @ KPWT under VFR to verify a fix to the glideslope reception of the new avionics.

I used two GoPro cameras, one focused outside, the other pointed obliquely at the instrument panel.

After dinner, I logged landings at KPWT, and then I returned IFR to Boeing Field to practice with all the new toys and get another night landing.

I used two GoPro cameras, one pointed outside, the other at the instrument panel. The inside camera got knocked off-kilter for the last video; The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari effect was unintentional.

For more information about the video equipment that I use, see Aviation Video Tips.

4 Responses to Videos: Integrated Instrument Panel in Action

  1. Jan Krouwer says:

    I enjoy your videos and make my own as well. I sometimes film the display(s) but try to get a closer view so I can see it. Example at

    • bruceair says:

      I plan to experiment with camera placement to show a closer view of the main panel displays. This was my first try at setting up two cameras–I clearly need to try other configurations. Working with GoPros is more of a trial-an-error process than with conventional gear.

      • Jan Krouwer says:

        You can try the GoPro iPad app which gives you a preview. I’ve been using an iPhone for a second camera, attached via a holder designed for the iPhone which then goes into a tripod.

  2. bruceair says:

    I am aware of the iPad app, but that works with only my newer GoPro (the one with the neutral-density filter). I do plan to continue experiments for the best results.

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