Video: Extra 300L Demo and GoPro Filter Test

Here are excerpts from a recent demo flight in the Extra 300L for a pilot who hopes to move up to an Extra from a Decathlon. We flew some basic maneuvers to give him a feel for the airplane. I also tested a Polar Pro neutral-density filter on the GoPro Hero 3 camera that I wear in the rear seat. It does a good job of blurring the propeller and eliminating the scimitar prop effect caused by the rolling shutter used in digital cameras. But as you can see, it also dulls the colors and contrast compared to the video shot with the GoPro Hero 2 camera aimed at the left wing. I did not apply any color, brightness, or contrast corrections to the video during editing and preparation for YouTube.

More information about the GoPro filters is available at Polar Pro’s website.

To feed cockpit audio to the GoPro Hero 3 (which uses a mini-USB connection for audio), I use this patch cord available from Aircraft Spruce. Pilot USA makes similar cords for earlier models of the GoPro.


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