Neutral Density Filter Test with GoPro Hero 3

Here’s a test of a Polar Pro neutral density filter for the GoPro Hero 3 camera. I shot this video during an aerobatic ride. I should have lowered the camera angle, and the sky was hazy. The filter does an admirable of job of blurring the propeller, eliminating the weird scimitar effects caused by the rolling shutter in most digital cameras, including video cameras. As you can see, however, the filter also dulls the colors a bit–especially compared to other videos that you can see on my YouTube channel. I plan to shoot more video in the Extra 300L and other aircraft to evaluate the filter under a variety of conditions.

More information:

Polar Pro Neutral Density Filter. This glass filter snaps on/off the GoPro Hero 3 in either the supplied waterproof or skeleton housing (which allows easy access to the connectors and data card). More information about the company’s filters is available at Polar Pro’s website.

To feed cockpit audio to the GoPro Hero 3 (which uses a mini-USB connection for audio), I use this patch cord available from Aircraft Spruce. Pilot USA makes similar cords for earlier models of the GoPro.

For a better view of the filter’s effect, see this subsequent post here at my blog.

One Response to Neutral Density Filter Test with GoPro Hero 3

  1. We make a cable for both Hero2 and Hero3 cameras – also mfg by Pilot USA. Plus we have one with a charging addition as well, so you can charge your camera while you record!

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