Video: Accelerated Stalls in the horizontal and vertical planes

In this short video, you can watch a student fly a series of accelerated stalls in the Extra 300L during steep turns. If the turn is coordinated, there’s little tendency for a wing to drop; the nose just falls back toward the horizon. As I note in the audio, the key to maintaining control during any type of stall is immediately reducing angle of attack by releasing the back pressure on the stick or yoke.

I also demonstrate a stall from a skidding turn–the classic setup for an incipient spin.

Finally, the student inadvertently enters an accelerated stall during a 1/2 Cuban 8. The stall occurs as we arc over the top, demonstrating that an accelerated stall can occur during a vertical turn, just as in a turn in the horizontal plane.

For more information about stalls, see Chapter 4 in the Airplane Flying Handbook (FAA-H-8083-3A).

Accelerated Stalls

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