Aerobatics—As Seen from Seat 1A

The aerobatics season in Seattle has returned, and Tuesday I gave an aerobatic ride. It was gorgeous day.

I set up a GoPro to look out at the left wing to capture the scenery as I demoed a series of basic maneuvers. This is the view you’d have from a window seat on an airliner–if airliners did aerobatics.

Enjoy the ride. More at my YouTube channel, BruceAirFlying.

An aerobatic ride in the Extra 300L near Seattle.

2 Responses to Aerobatics—As Seen from Seat 1A

  1. That’s interesting to see your string during the loop, is it accurate in showing if the airflow is separating as you increase the angle of attack?

    • bruceair says:

      As you load the wing during maneuvers, the wingtip vortices become more energized, and you can see the effect of the air swirling up from the underside of the wing to mix with the flow over the top of the wing. That’s what the string shows as you pull G.

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