Visit to Flight Simulation Okinawa

I recently returned from a visit to Flight Simulation Okinawa, a new Japanese company that offers pilots training in FTDs and gives the general public opportunities to experience the thrill of flying a simulated aircraftt. I was there to help explain the value of PC-based simulations to local pilots, including members of the flying club at Kadena AFB.

My presentations were based on my two books about using PC-based flight simulations, Scenario-Based Training with X-Plane and Microsoft Flight Simulator: Using PC-Based Flight Simulations based on FAA and Industry Training Standards and  Microsoft® Flight Simulator as a Training Aid: A Guide for Pilots, Instructors, and Virtual Aviators.


You can watch short video clips of the interviews here and on my YouTube channel, BruceAirFlying.

2 Responses to Visit to Flight Simulation Okinawa

  1. Judy says:

    I have found your book very beneficial and your comments right on about the use of simulators with students and those investigating what it is like before delving into lessons. Thanks for making a budding flight instructor’s work more effective, Bruce!

  2. Milo Manna says:

    Looks like a great facility. I am a big fan of simulator based flight training – it can really complement a training program with things you could not (or should not) do in an actual aircraft. But the sim in Okinawa looks like a great way to recruit and orient students as well. Thanks for all the great content, Bruce.

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