Another Pilots N Paws Flight

I flew another Pilots N Paws trip yesterday to pick up Blue, an Australian Shepherd puppy (about 5 months old) at Emmett, ID and deliver him to Coeur d’Alene, ID, where he’s joined a herd of similar dogs at a haven in Post Falls, ID. (Beechcraft are excellent aircraft for these flights–it’s easy to accommodate traveling crates, and the speed makes the legs bearable for the dogs. The flights are also good opportunities to get some real-world x-c time and do some good along the way. They make the folks at both ends of the operation appreciate GA.)

Blue is wonderful dog. He’s very friendly and responsive to attention. All the more remarkable because he was born profoundly deaf, apparently the result of a genetic glitch common to certain mixes of Aussie breeds. He was initially rescued by a woman who saw him, then a tiny pup, thrown from a car along a highway.

I flew from my base at Boeing Field (KBFI) in Seattle to pick up Blue at Emmett, ID (S78) and then take him to Coeur d’Alene, ID (KCOE). I then flew back to KBFI (complete route here).

The video below shows a few highlights from the first leg. I was trying out my GoPro in the Bonanza from the first time. I had to depart (and arrive) at BFI under IFR, but the majority of the trip was in great weather, which showed off the scenery and the amazing contrasts you enjoy on even relatively short flights in the Pacific Northwest.

Watch closely just after takeoff, and you’ll catch of glimpse of the NASA Super Guppy on the ramp at the Museum of Flight. It had just delivered the Space Shuttle crew trainer, which is going on permanent display at the museum.

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