An Introductory Aerobatic Lesson

Here’s a YouTube video of an introductory aerobatic lesson (not a ride) from last week.

Introductory Aerobatic Lesson in Extra 300L

This is a typical first lesson. We’ve briefed the maneuvers, safety procedures etc., but for the first lesson, at least, the experience is usually still disorienting. And there’s no way to anticipate how well the student/customer will tolerate G, etc., so we typically don’t get through everything we brief. For all those reasons, you can see why one flight isn’t sufficient to learn even one or two maneuvers.

(For more information about the maneuvers, see my Aerobatics page.)

This was the first flight with my GoPro Hero2. As you’ll see, I put it on my head, using the GoPro strap. It worked well (of course, there’s some rapid panning as I look around), but I’ll have to adjust it. It’s above eye level, of course, but I also had it tilted a bit skyward, so the view isn’t exactly what I see (the camera actually has a slightly better view of what’s straight ahead). I combined the video from the on-board cameras, the GoPro, and the Countour HD (the "hero" cam in the front seat) to produce this video, which I edited in Adobe Premiere Elements 10.

As you’ll hear, BFI tower wanted me tight on the downwind to accommodate a B-17 that was hopping rides. But I was down and clear before the Flying Fortress got to the traffic pattern, so I didn’t get any air-to-air video of it.


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