Interview about “Scenario-Based Training” on FlightTime Radio

I recently did an interview about my new book, Scenario-Based Training with X-Plane and Microsoft Flight Simulator, on FlightTime Radio. You can download the mp3 audio podcast of the interview here.


5 Responses to Interview about “Scenario-Based Training” on FlightTime Radio

  1. Dee Elliott says:

    Hello I have purchased your book and have loved using it with FSX. I am planning to transtion to Prepar3d. I was wondering will these scenarios work for Prepar3d? If not are there any plans to make files that are compatible with it?

    • bruceair says:

      The flights for FSX work well the version of Prepar3D used in Redbird training devices. We use the flights for the book in the Redbird AATD at the flight school where I instruct part-time, and other than having to rename the files, they run properly. You may have to experiment with the file names to make them load properly in the system that you use.

      • Dee Elliott says:

        Ok thanks a bunch any tips on renaming the files?

      • bruceair says:

        I suggest that you try copying the files to the appropriate directory and see what you get. If they don’t appear or don’t sort properly, come up with a consistent naming scheme that works with your setup.

      • Dee Elliott says:

        Ok sounds great thanks for the help and this awesome book!

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