Rescuing Whiskey, an Australian Cattle Dog

 On October 18, I flew my Beechcraft Bonanza from Seattle to Nampa, ID to pick up Whiskey, an Australian Cattle Dog, who needed transport from a shelter near Boise to another dog rescue haven near McMinnville, OR that specializes in ACD.


The trip was on behalf of Pilots N Paws, an organization that connects animal shelters and general aviation pilots who volunteer to transport critters between shelters, foster homes, and their new people.

Whiskey was a good passenger. Secure in his traveling crate, he slept most of the way. I heard only a few yips when he seemed to figure out that we were approaching KMMV (ACD are clever dogs).

Here’s a link to the planned route of flight (KBFI-KMAN-KMMV-KBFI) as shown on a WAC chart at


And here are the basic data for the flight, captured by my Garmin GPSMap 396:



Takeoff (Z)

Landing (Z)

Flight Time (hrs)

Distance (nm)

Avg GS (kts)

KBFI KMAN 1435 1702 2.4 368 153
KMAN KMMV 1828 2024 1.9 314 165
KMMV KBFI 2115 2212 0.9 154 171

The actual flight track (a .kmz file which can you view with the Google Earth Plug-in for Firefox or in Google Earth) is here.

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