Another reason for WAAS: New approach at Petaluma, CA (O69)

The latest batch of Jepp revisions just arrived. They include a new RNAV (GPS) RWY 29 approach at Petaluma, CA (O69).* (According to NACO, the RNAV approach was published on 25 August, but for some reason, it didn’t show up in my Jepps until now.)

The new RNAV approach has LPV minimums [DA 347 (270) and 7/8 sm] and an LNAV MDA of 820 (743) with visibility minimums of 1 (A) and 1-1/4 (B) miles.**

Previously, O69 had a VOR RWY 29 approach off SGD with an MDA of 1260 (1174) and 1-1/4 sm required visibility. The old GPS approach to the same runway offered an MDA of 900 (813) and 1 sm visiblity. And that GPS approach (now NA) had a 22-degree dogleg at the FAF.

The new approach is a significant improvement that shows the value of WAAS-based procedures, even to a 3600-ft runway, and it allows you to file O69 as an alternate if you have WAAS.

Here are links to the NACO versions of the new charts:

N.B. that the VOR RWY 29 procedure, updated for a new airport elevation, etc., still has a note that requires using the Santa Rosa altimeter setting, otherwise, the approach is NA. But the RNAV RWY 29 approach takes advantage of the on-field AWOS, and local weather is required for filing O69 as an alternate. I’m betting someone at FAA neglected to remove the Santa Rosa altimeter requirement for the VOR approach.

*The airport has an AWOS-3PT (AWOS-3PT contains all the AWOS-3 sensors, plus a precipitation identification sensor and thunderstorm detector). Phone: 707-773-1529.

**The new RNAV approach includes LNAV/VNAV mins–484 (707) and 1-3/8 sm–but if you’re using WAAS and the satellite configuration is good enough for vertical guidance, you’ll almost certainly see LPV annunciated, not LNAV/VNAV.


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