Federal Aviation Regulations, AIM, and ACs in PDF and XML formats

In this age of iPads and e-readers, many pilots want copies of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) and related documents in electronic form. Here are good, free sources for this information:

  • Code of Federal Regulations annual edition: At the preceding link, choose the appropriate year and then choose a specific title. The FARs are in Title 14. The link to the 2014 edition is here. Chapter 1 of Title 14 includes Parts 60-109. That may be overkill for most pilots, but the PDF is only about 17 MB, and, of course, you can search for specific regulation numbers and key words and phrases. The corresponding XML file is available via the same links. You can also download specific Subchapters (e.g., Definitions, Airmen, Air Traffic and General Operating Rules).
  • Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM): The AIM, and many related publications, are available at the preceding link in PDF and HTM versions.
  • Advisory Circulars (ACs): The preceding link shows the index to FAA ACs, most of which are available as PDFs.

You can find links to FAA training handbooks for pilots and instructors at the Aviation Resources page on my website.

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