The Extra has Migrated South

I flew my Extra 300L from Seattle (KBFI) to its winter home at Boulder City, NV (KBVU) on September 27. It’s the annual fall migration for the airplane (there’s not much point in having an aerobatic airplane in Seattle during the monsoons). I’ll bring the airplane back to Seattle in May.

I enjoyed excellent weather for the trip, which included fuel stops at Bend, OR (KBDN) and Yerrington, NV (O43). You can see the essential data for each leg in the table below.

Leg Distance
Flight Time
KBFI-KBDN 215/247 1:18 165/190
KBDN-O43 326/375 1:54 172/198
O43-KBVU 301/346 1:48 167/192


The Google Earth (.kmz) files for the planned route (magenta) and the actual track (orange) are available in one of my SkyDrive folders (links below). As you can see, I was able to take a few shortcuts, especially on the first leg out of Seattle.


If the Extra were equipped with an autopilot, I would have taken pictures of the spectacular sunrise over the Cascades. But it’s not a hands-off kind of airplane.

Here are links to the .kmz files for the planned route and actual track:


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