Garmin G1000 Checkout from Sporty’s

Sporty’s has released a new DVD-based training package, Garmin G1000 Checkout. It’s a great training tool for pilots and instructors who are working with what has become the standard glass cockpit for GA aircraft, because the two-disc set ($89.95) offers both a well-organized introduction to the system and the official Garmin G1000 PC Trainer (which Garmin sells separately for $25).


The program features Cessna airframes, but it describes all of the latest features offered with the G1000, including WAAS, Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT) and electronic charts. It also covers the GFC 700 autopilot. Pilots flying Bonanza, Mooney, Cirrus, and other aircraft obviously must follow up with additional study of system-specific items and options, but all of the fundamentals apply, and the program covers the core features well.

Garmin G1000 Checkout also improves upon Sporty’s earlier training products. The video program on the disc is divided into 16 chapters, making it easy to learn and review specific features. The crisp images and real-time video show off the G1000 displays and controls in action and in sharp detail.

Like most training products, Garmin G1000 Checkout begins with an overview of the system. It explains the two displays and the bezel controls, and it shows how to use common options to configure specific items such as the HSI (360-degree v. arc view). A section on errors, failures, and emergency items ably demonstrates what happens when things go wrong.

Perhaps most useful to pilots who want to brush up on the system are a couple of scenarios that demonstrate typical VFR and IFR flights in a logical sequence, including approaches. Pilots, especially renters, who may not fly often can refresh their skills and get back in the groove without having to repeat a complete dissection of the system.

Garmin G1000 Checkout is a welcome addition to the set of tools available for pilots and instructors who are learning and flying with the latest cockpit technology, and it’s an investment that will rapidly pay off in time and money saved in initial and recurrent training. I recommend it to my G1000 students and customers who fly the G1000.


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