The Extra is back in Seattle

I flew the Extra 300L back to Seattle (KBFI) on May 22 from its winter home at Boulder City, NV (KBVU).

Given the excellent weather along the entire route, I took the shortest path feasible in the Extra, with fuel stops at Reno-Stead (4SD) and Bend, OR (KBDN). Total flying time was 5.0 hours at an average ground speed of about 170 knots (196 mph). The Google Earth (kmz) file of the flight track is here.

For more information about aerobatic rides and stall/spin/upset training, visit

Leg 1: KBVU-CRESO-CHICS-BTY-OAL-YERIN-FMG-4SD–348.6 nm in 2.1 hours; avg. ground speed 166 knots


Leg 2: 4SD-FITUN-SEDTO-LKV-URBIA-KBDN–277.7 nm in 1.6 hours; avg. ground speed 173 knots


Leg 3: KBDN-DSD-BTG-KBFI–221.3 nm in 1.3 hours; avg. ground speed 170 knots


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