Am I an Inside Joke at the FAA?

The FAA publishes a tome called the Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM). It complements the regulations with practical information about real-world procedures for pilots and air traffic controllers.

Recently, as I worked on presentations about GPS and WAAS for the Northwest Aviation Expo, I found what appear to be references to my name in a Bible code of sorts in an obscure part of the AIM. I have no idea where this example came from, but it’s eerie.

Here’s the reference:

5-5-16. RNAV and RNP Operations

(b) Insert a waypoint along the published route to assist in complying with ATC instruction, example, “Descend via the WILMS arrival except cross 30 north of BRUCE at/or below FL 210.” This is limited only to systems that allow along-track waypoint construction.

Now, I suppose the reference could be (and probably is) to the other Bruce Williams, a late-night radio host who is also a pilot. But I won’t that spoil the effect for me.


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