The End of Microsoft Flight Simulator

image The cuts announced at Microsoft yesterday include closing the entire ACES studio, the group that produced Flight Simulator and related products.

I’m still trying to gather more details, but as of yesterday, it’s the end of development for the venerable FS franchise (and probably the associated Microsoft ESP, the new commercial simulation platform based on FS), one of the longest-running titles in the history of the PC.

I don’t know yet if there’s any hope that the code could be spun off to a third party, but as of January 22, the most important asset–the team that has produced FS for so many years–has been disbanded.

In the meantime, you can find information about Flight Simulator, including links to the network of add-on developers and community Web sites, on a page at my Web site.

Update: PC Magazine posted a story today with a few more details, but not much hard news, about Microsoft’s actions and plans.


2 Responses to The End of Microsoft Flight Simulator

  1. Dave says:

    Bruce, This really is a difficult moment for all those who pursue aviation. Flight Simulator (FS9 or FSX) is a mainstay of those who want to experience the beauty of aircraft and the scenery that they fly above. With HDTVs and projectors for monitors and TrackIR for eye direction,, individuals can get immersed in a world that is expensive or difficult to achieve in the real world – we can’t all own an Extra! The third party add-ons are fantastic, the computer/graphics power required is top-end, and the excitement is nothing short of what I experienced back in the early 1980s with ultralights. The flight sim community is in shock and I really don’t understand why MS can’t at least keep a small team going. I worked with you in my FltViz relationship at Boeing’s engineering flight simulator facility at Boeing Field and appreciated your tremendous enthusiasm for your product. Have you tried to speak to Mr Balmer or anyone else about this serious decision? I can’t think that it is a good one for aviation in general.Dave

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