Aerobatic and Formation Videos

I’ve created videos from several flights in my Extra 300L last week at Boulder City, NV (61B)chart here. The videos show aerobatics and some formation flying, including rejoins, formation changes, close trail, and extended trail.

All videos are in Windows Media format (free download for PCs and Macs), and they’re available in one of my SkyDrive folders. You can browse around to your heart’s content, but here are links to some of the latest movies:

A compilation of aerobatics and formation flying.

Extended trail (follow-the-leader) practice. The wide-angle lens on the tail distorts distances. I was trying to stay 300-500 ft in trail of the airplane immediately ahead of me. In extended trail, you adjust spacing by moving within a cone and playing the angles, maneuvering inside and outside the turns of the airplane you’re following. You don’t usually adjust power. You may notice a couple of encounters with the mighty wake generated by an RV-6…

More extended trail practice and a rejoin to fingertip formation. Watch for those wake-turbulence encounters here, too.

Close-trail practice. Transition from fingertip to close trail (I’m tail-end-Charlie, number 3, behind an RV-7A and an RV-8).


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