BruceAir’s Extra 300L is back in Boulder City, NV

On September 23, I took advantage of good weather, and I flew the Extra300L from its summer base at Seattle’s Boeing Field (KBFI) to its winter home at Boulder City, NV (61B) near Las Vegas.

I followed my preferred route through Oregon and the Central Valley in California, with a final dogleg east near Bakersfield. That flight path adds a leg to the more direct route east of the Sierra Nevada, but it offers many more options (i.e., airports and related services) and much more hospitable terrain for most of the trip.

I plan to bring the airplane back to Seattle in May 2009 for another summer of aerobatic rides and stall/spin/upset training.



Average GS

Total Time


1042 nm

146 knots

7 h 7m


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