Aviation Weather Services, Advisory Circular 00-45H

FAA has published a major update to Aviation Weather Services (Advisory Circular 00-45H).

This book explains how to get a good weather briefing from online sources and Flight Service (FSS), and it provides detailed explanations of all the weather reports, forecasts, charts, and other information provided during a briefing. From the introduction:

In the past decade, access to aviation weather products has greatly improved with the increase of flight planning services and weather Web sites. The experience of listening to a weather briefing over a phone while trying to write down pertinent weather information becomes less tolerable when the reports are easily obtainable on a home computer, tablet computer, or even a smart phone. To see weather along your route using a graphic of plotted weather reports combined with radar and satellite is preferable to trying to mentally visualize a picture from verbalized reports.

You can buy a bound copy of the book from such publishers as ASA, and paper is more convenient for detailed study. But the PDF  version, available for free download, is handy to keep on a tablet or other device, and it’s easy to search for specific terms and phrases.

If you want background on weather theory, see AC 00-6, Aviation Weather. I’ve collected links to many weather-related resources on the Aviation Resources page at my Web site. For example, A Pilot’s Guide to Aviation Weather Services, from the National Weather Service, is a quick introduction to weather services for pilots.


One Response to Aviation Weather Services, Advisory Circular 00-45H

  1. bruceair says:

    Note that the current edition of this handbook is AC 00-45G CHG 1. It is available for download at:


    ASA also publishes a reprint. It’s available here:


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