Hello from Fairbanks

moose-signI’m Fairbanks (as in Alaska) this weekend to speak the Aviation North Expo 2007. I’ve been to Alaska a few times (see pictures from a previous ferry flight to Anchorage), and it always astonishes me. I’ve usually had the good sense to head up in the spring or summer, so finding winter conditions in Fairbanks in October was still a surprise.

As was the warning posted outside the hotel. Given the temperature (still on the plus side of zero on the Fahrenheit scale), I don’t think close encounters of the Alces alces gigas kind are likely.

Anchorage (beautiful yesterday, as this picture shows) is the temporary roosting place for what must be among the largest flocks of 747s plying today’s skies. None of them is carrying passengers, however. They’re all cargo versions, hauling stuff over the pole between Asia and Europe and North America.


Of course, for a pilot, the amazing thing about Alaska is how important GA is to life. It’s not just a hobby. And the state, so vast, sparsely populated, and otherwise rustic, is also the test bed for much new technology, including ADS-B, the foundation of the next generation of air traffic control; GPS-based RNAV routes; and other developments. I hope to share more details as the weekend progresses.


One Response to Hello from Fairbanks

  1. Roy says:

    Hi Bruce, thanks for sharing the pix. Did you fly commercial this time?

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