FAA “Wings Program”

faastlogo The FAA has long offered the Pilot Proficiency Program (known to most aviators as the "Wings Program") as a substitute for the Flight Review required by Section 61.56(e) of the Federal Aviation Regulations. The Wings Program expires at the end of the year, however, and many pilots are confused by its replacement, the WINGS – Pilot Proficiency Program.

The new program is entirely Web-based. You can get more information about the program and register at www.FAASafety.gov. The Web site keeps track of the ground and flight training that you accumulate during each 24-month period, and it provides the documentation you need to verify that you’ve met the recurrent training requirements that allow you to act as pilot in command.

Many of the online courses offered at www.FAASafety.gov meet the ground-training requirements of the new program. The interactive courses offered by the AOPA Air Safety Foundation are offered as references for many of the training programs. You don’t have to join AOPA (but if you’re a pilot, you should be a member) to take the ASF courses or use the other training and safety resources available from the AOPA Air Safety Foundation.

The new program offers three phases (explained here). Note that during the flight training required under the new program, pilots must meet the standards of at least the Private Pilot Practical Test Standards. All of the Practical Test Standards are available for download as .pdf documents from the FAA Web site.

You can also find the following references on the FAA Web site:

I also maintain an annotated list of (mostly free) aviation-related resources at BruceAir.com.


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